It’s almost that time again!  Before you know it, we will be celebrating Independence Day and I am so excited to show you a fun and easy craft I made after watching Brooke’s video @  You should check her FB page out!  

I’ve had some square wood blocks, assorted sizes, in my crafting stash for a while so when I saw this craft, I knew I could finally use them. 

See below for the easy instructions:

  • Sand any rough edges on 3 square/rectangular wood blocks.  You can use any leftover blocks you have around the house or you can find blocks of wood at your local lumberyard or crafting store.
  • Paint one block red, another blue and the third white. I use Waverly Chalk Paint but you can use any paint you like as long as it is weather proof if you plan to put the finished blocks outdoors. Also, the blocks can be assorted sizes or all one size. 
Independence Day Wood Firecracker Blocks
  • After your base paint is dry, paint white stripes down the red block. 
  • Dab different size white dots on the blue block with a stenciling spouncer, or anything circular that can hold paint. You don’t need to be an artist, just free hand them to be a little rustic looking.
  • Use your imagination on the white block!  I just hot glued red twine to give it a little pop of color.
  • Gather 3 groups of 3-5 twigs each from your yard.
  • Get 3 paper plates. Put red paint on the 1st, blue on the 2nd, white on the 3rd, then using a small brush (or just your fingers) paint the twigs. You can also stick them in styrofoam to stand upright when you paint them.
  • Once dry, make 3 groups of assorted color twigs. Get out your glue gun and put a glob of hot glue at the bottom of each group of twigs, making sure they are all even on the bottom where you are gluing them. Once dry, hot glue each bunch of twigs to the back of each wood block so they stick up like fuses/sparklers on top of each of your wood block firecrackers! 

I’ve also added some red, white, and blue painted rubber baseballs that I found at the Dollar Tree and then I just put them in an old Coca Cola crate I’ve had on my back porch.

Just be creative and have fun with it !!



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