Do you love to watch wildlife in their natural (or somewhat natural) habitat? 

Do you have hummingbird feeders in your yard? 

Do you have hummingbirds that actually come and drink from your feeders?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we need your help! 

We have tried everything from buying different types of feeders, moving the feeders to various locations, using different types of hummingbird food mix, both purchased and syrup we’ve made ourselves. 

We have placed the feeders near certain plants that are said to attract hummingbirds. 

We clean out the feeders and put fresh food in them regularly. 

We make sure all of the feeder holes are clean and not clogged.

We have attached red ribbon to the feeders to attract the hummingbirds.

We have done all the things … and still no hummingbirds! 

We are going on about 4 years of trying to attract hummingbirds and we just aren’t having any luck.  I am wondering if we just live in a location where they won’t ever frequent for some reason or another.  My husband says this will be the last year we put feeders out.   

I am desperately needing some advice!  We want a visit from some hummingbirds! 

Is there anything you all can suggest that we haven’t already tried, or are perhaps trying but are doing incorrectly ? 

If so, please leave us a comment.  Please and thank you everyone !!

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