Golden Age or Golden Years? As I was drinking my morning cup of coffee I starting thinking about love, life, happiness and mortality.  I probably had you at love, life and happiness and then lost you at mortality.  Stick with me here!  I have more to say about this and it’s all good, I promise

As my age continues to climb up in years, I often think about how I will live out the later years of my life.  As we all know, life throws a lot of curve balls our way and it is difficult at times to see the positives in these curve balls.  I love this quote from Maya Angelou, “You may not control all of the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”.  I know so many people who, in my mind, are hero’s.  Why?  Because they have faced adversity and yet they all live with one major commonality.  They all choose to take life one step at a time, even if they can’t see the entire staircase.  They choose to look forward rather than looking back.  They inspire me.

Can we all be our own hero?  I believe that we can!  Do we have days where we just don’t feel like life is all sunshine and happiness?  Absolutely!  The important thing to remember is that just because we are experiencing one of those types of days, we still have tomorrow!  Go back and read Maya’s quote and don’t allow yourself to be reduced by one bad day.  Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on my friend! 

Going back to my thoughts this morning about love, life, happiness and mortality, I want the remainder of my years in this life of mine to be full of love and happiness.  So…. how do I do that?  I’ll tell you how.  We can make the CHOICE to live out our golden age with a bad attitude or we can choose to see it as an adventure.  When you look up the definition of golden age it says it is a period of time when a high level of achievement is reached. How can you not love that definition?!  The golden years are defined as the advanced years of our lifetime.  Ask yourself if you will choose to live out your life in a “golden age” or a “golden years” kind of way? I say, a little of both!  Yes, I am currently at the age of what might be considered as my “golden years”.  But I can also choose to treat this time in my life as my “golden age”.   I can live a life of achievement, regardless of my age!  It is never too late to dream a new dream and choose hope over fear. 

And this my friends….. is why I have chosen to begin this new blogging experience. 

It is my hope that you all will join me in this journey!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Until next time!  Xxoo


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