There are many things that I love to do around the house once springtime begins and one of them, like many of you, is gardening.  I am by no means what is considered “a gardener”, although I am “a Gardner” (Gina Gardner)   Ha Ha !!

Every spring I purchase starters of all of my favorite herbs and my husband plants some of them in our larger garden area, and I plant several in pots that I have on our upper deck that leads to our kitchen.  This makes it so easy for me to just step outside my kitchen door, snip off some fresh herbs, and then use them when cooking.  There is nothing like freshly picked herbs to add a punch of flavor to any dish! 

I have several terrarium’s and I usually have succulents planted in them and while I love my succulents, I’ve been thinking about doing something different with the terrariums.  I realized that I could plant several types of herbs in one container instead of using multiple planters’ pots. 

Processed with Focos

If you don’t have a terrarium, no worries.  There are so many other containers that you can use for your fresh herbs that are just as fun and unique! 

Here are some ideas for inspiration!

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