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Springtime Decorating With Vignettes and Groupings

We have two living areas in our home and we spend equal time in both. Our more formal living room is upstairs and that is where we usually sit when entertaining family and friends because as we have learned over the years, people tend to congregate around the kitchen area. Originally our living room and kitchen were separated by a wall, so when we remodeled, we removed the full wall and replaced it with a half wall so when we were cooking we weren’t away from all of the conversation going on in the living room. (Notice I say “we” when referring to cooking. My husband and I both like to cook so we are usually in the kitchen together when preparing meals. At times, I kind of wish we weren’t both in the kitchen at the same time, but again… that’s for another blog! ) Our more relaxed living room is downstairs and that is where we congregate to watch tv, play games, etc. Both living areas have a fireplace in them but we rarely if ever use the fireplace upstairs. I love to decorate and change out our mantle for different holidays or seasons and I could not wait to switch it up from my wintery look to my spring and summer look! (Of course, as you all can probably relate, by the end of the summer, I usually can’t wait to switch my décor out from summer to fall and winter.) I like to create small vignettes, or groupings, on small tables, my fireplace mantle, shelves and other flat surfaces in my home. I think it feels more homey and comfortable. I’ve listed some helpful tips and tricks for arranging vignettes and take a look down below at the picture of several little vignettes I have created this spring (of course, when I decorate, it’s always always subject to change!) .


1) If it’s in a darker space, I like to make sure it’s center around a light source such as a lamp. Otherwise your grouping will get lost in the dark.

2) What is the style of your theme. Decide that and then try to match it up to your individual decorating style using items and colors that fit in well in the room. I find that using colorful plants, flowers and binded books works well.

3) Try to group your items in an odd number, such as groups of 3 or 5 items. Your eyes will be drawn in much easier than if using even numbered groupings.

4) Vary the heights of your items for a better impact. For smaller or shorter items, you can also use books or small stands to stand them on, or add tall flowers or greenery to vases for increased height.

5) If possible, stick with a theme; for example if displaying a vintage item, surround it with other vintage looking objects. (Don’t put a very contemporary picture frame next to an old antique vase)

6) Create depth by placing some of your items towards the back of the shelf, while placing others up front (higher items towards the back and small towards the front is best)

7) And lastly, vary your textures. I like to mix something soft and flowy with something more straight lined such as some flowy greenery next to a hard lined hardback book.Do you have a favorite style or theme that you usually decorate with?

Have you always decorated in the same way and want to start something new? I have always wanted to switch out my living room and kitchen to be all in shades of blues and creams. It might take a while, but if I start collecting and creating now, I’ll eventually have my dream color scheme!