I absolutely love to get together with family and friends. I also love to host these get togethers at my home. Once I have decided to entertain at home, I am immediately making lists, searching online for creative ideas and checking my stash to see what I already have or need to find to make my home more fun and comfortable for everyone. I’m definitely all about fun and creativity and I hope that some of the ideas I share with you will inspire you to plan some “fun” time with your family and friends.There are different occasions that I decide to host. Some are just a few of us and are more intimate while others are with a larger group. Because I have such a passion for entertaining, I will be sharing my many ideas to help you enjoy entertaining as well! So…. let’s get started!

Spring Is Here! It’s springtime and that means it’s time to pull out those lighter throws for my couch, create some easy, summery decorative living room pillow cases and bring in fresh florals to give my home a wonderfully sweet smell. One of my favorite flowers in the springtime are Peonies. They have such a beautifully fragrant smell and since they usually have a very small number of days they bloom, I take advantage of their springtime blooms in every room of my home. Surprisingly not all Peonies are fragrant, so if you decide to plant some of your own, be sure to select the variety that is right for you.

Now, on to how to display these magnificent flowers in your home. One way to display fresh flowers so they always look nice is with mason jars. Any jar will work, however what about putting pink peonies in a vintage blue mason jar? How beautiful would that be!? Another of my favorite ways to decorate with fresh flowers is to put them in some type of galvanized or other type of metal container. Do you have an older silver teapot or how about a small creamer or sugar dish with shorter, smaller flowers in them. Even just greenery would be beautiful. Actually, any pitcher, regardless of the type of material look nice with a grouping of fresh flowers in them. Display a variety of heights of jars in the middle of your kitchen table or your coffee table in the living room. #spring#entertaining#socialbutterfly#decorating