Repurpose & Reuse – Briefcase and Luggage Rack

Some time ago, I acquired an old wooden luggage rack. I would always put it at the foot of the bed in our spare bedroom so our guests had a place to set their luggage. Well… I had good intentions, but no one ever used it! It just stood there, wanting to be used, but just taking up space in the room.

Then, a few months ago, my husband came across an old leather briefcase of his dad’s. I knew we would never use it as an actual briefcase, but it’s so unique and has such sentimental value, so I had to figure out a way to repurpose this piece of nostalgia.

I remember seeing a nightstand in a decorating magazine made that was made out of a suit case and a luggage rack. It had a cute little bed lamp on it with a vase of flowers.

So, I thought, why couldn’t I do the same thing with our old leather briefcase? I cleaned up the leather on the outside of the case, put it on the luggage rack, and voila! I have a brand new side table for our living room! I had been wanting a side table to go next to a chair in our living room to serve as place to set our drinks and now I have one! And the best part is, it cost $0.00 to make it!

This was truly one of the easiest DIY projects I have ever done and I’ll bet you could make something like this too! Even if you don’t have a luggage rack, do you have an old tv tray, or one of those really short step ladders or really anything with legs that you could put an old suitcase on? And even if you don’t have an old suitcase, you could use some type of serving tray or anything else that would hold some weight. The possibilities are endless! Give it a try or if you’ve already made something like this yourself, I would love to see it!Please post pictures to share! #reuse#repurpose#repurposeoldbriefcase#repurposeoldsuitcase#reuseluggagerack#diysidetable