It has been raining A LOT lately here in Lawrence, KS. With that said, because we’ve received so much rain, the grass is so rich and green and the trees are just drinking it up and they are looking so mighty and beautiful.

In this new period of (almost) post covid, the rain can also signify a new and fresh beginning.

A time for us all to renew our appreciation for life and all that it brings.

A time for us all to look back at this past year and release any negative energy from our mind.

A time to renew our gratitude for life and allow it to nurture our soul.

A time to be thankful for the difficult times, because they will help us grow.

We may forever be impacted by the worries of this past year. But we can choose to use this opportunity to focus on our abundance in life, rather than the things that we lack.

It is TIME….


sunrise, hope, morning

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