Every year for Mother’s Day I always want to do just one thing.  I love to go to our local garden store to pick up annual flowers, plants and herbs for various pots and flower beds and our herb gardens. 

During this past year when we were all isolating at home, I spent time teaching myself how to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to learn to do.  One thing I’ve always really wanted to learn to do better is painting.  No…NOT house painting, artistic painting!

So..… I painted… and I painted…  I painted everything!   I painted on rocks. I drew and painted my own greeting cards and I even produced some nice canvas backed paintings!

One day while painting some rocks to place in our garden and water feature, I thought it would be cute to paint some little herb “rock markers”. 

I like to plant different herbs in smaller sized pots, and place them outside our kitchen door on the upper back deck that way I can pop out the door, clip a few fresh herbs and add them to whatever I’m cooking.  So, after painting the little herb “rock markers”,  I set them in the pots to identify the herb growing there. This year I am going to hot glue the painted herb rock to a stick or twig from the yard and stand it upright in the pot.

You can find so much inspiration online for things to paint and basic techniques of painting – you can paint on most anything!   Trust me, I know because I have!  So, go ahead, get creative, then post YOUR painted creation here!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

The more ideas we share, the more ideas we all have! 

I will share more of painted inspiration pieces on future posts! 


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