Do any of you have the same problem I have with not wanting to do the tedious stuff that needs to be done when you actually have some free time to do it? 

I had all of these grand ideas for projects I wanted to get done around the house and thought for sure I would get them done while isolating at home this past year. 

Well….., I did a few things on my list, but not nearly as much as I thought I would.  Instead I started on art projects, crafted and watched home decorating, crafting and cooking videos. 

Yep!  I watched them a lot!  And my husband will confirm that!  Ha ha! 

I wanted to share some of the tips I have found to be really helpful while crafting. 

(Yes!  I did learn something from watching all of those videos!)

I hope they help make it a bit easier for you! 

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When spray painting an object, try using a cardboard box.  Put a wire through the box and hang your item on the wire for access to all sides and to rotate your project.  This also protects your sidewalk and grass from any paint.

Soak your paint brushes in fabric softener for 10 minutes for an easy and quick way to clean your brushes.  (Be sure not to soak for a long period of time or your brush handle may want to loosen from the brush )

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To sharpen a pair of scissors, cut a piece of sandpaper with them. 

To help prevent those long strings of glue when using your glue gun, store your glue sticks in your freezer. 

When using sea shells for a project, soak them in a solution of ½ to ½ of bleach and water.

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Rather than using a newspaper to cover your work space, use a plastic table cover.  They are more easily washed off, don’t spread ink like a newspaper does and they are sold at the Dollar Tree!

In a pinch, you can use a nylon/plastic pan scraper to smooth out wrinkles when decoupaging. 

For better coverage when using metallic paint, spray it in only one direction.

To keep sticky substances from sticking to your sissors when cutting, gently wipe the scissor blades with a baby wipe before cutting.

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When painting smaller items, stick them on a piece of tape to help keep your fingers clean!

I hope you enjoy these fun tips and tricks today!  There will be more in the coming days!! 

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