It’s already May and that means we are getting closer to Mother’s Day.  My mom is 83 years young and she lives alone in her own cute little apartment.  She does pretty well on her own and even though she is more of an introvert, she still gets lonely living in an apartment by herself.  I have two sisters, however neither of them lives here in Kansas, so I am my mom’s only family living nearby.   At my mom’s age, she really doesn’t need anything in the physical sense.  What she does want is time.  She just loves it when I come visit her and I never feel like I’m spending enough time with her so with Mother’s Day coming up, I know exactly what I want to give my mom.  My gift of time. 

If you are struggling with what to give your mama for Mother’s Day and you live near her, why not give her the gift of time. Your mom wants YOU, and that’s an easy gift to give to her.  For Mother’s Day this year I am going to pick my mom up and we will go have lunch out somewhere (she is losing her eyesight so she can’t see well enough to drive anymore).  Then I am taking her home with me and we are going to have a mother/daughter pampering session.  While we are pampering with a facial and foot spa, I’ll play some of her favorite music. She absolutely loves Josh Groban so maybe I’ll play some of his music.  By the time we are done with that, it will be close to dinner time and weather permitting, we will heat up the grill on our back deck and we can grill something for dinner.  After dinner my plan is to curl up on the couch and watch old movies together.  She loves old romantic comedies and so does my husband for that matter!  So, it’s a win win!  (Hummm, I wonder if this could also serve as a Father’s Day gift for my husband?  Probably not, LOL). 

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Here are some other ideas for ways to treat your mama with the gift of your time. 

  • If your mom lives on her own, do a household chore for her.  Has she had a project she’s needed to do?  Or how about doing some spring cleaning for her. Ask her if she needs you to take her grocery shopping or to pick up some new gardening supplies.  Check her lights, ceiling fans and appliances and replace or fix anything that might need it. 
  • If she is still able to drive, how about detailing her car?  Clean it… inside and out.  Put a nice smelling car freshener inside.  And while you’re at it, check her gas, oil and tires.  If her car needs anything, do it for her. 
  • Does she have her own yard?  You could mow her lawn or help her with her gardening.  Bring some new pots, flowers and potting soil and plant something for her.  Or you could even do the planting together! 
  • Pack a nice lunch for two and have a picnic in the park!
  • If she can’t or doesn’t want to go out, make her a nice dinner at her place.  Or you could bring dinner to her.  Bring a pretty table setting, her favorite flowers and a candle for a fancy dinner in.  Maybe even dress up for dinner!
  • Do a puzzle, play a game or watch a movie together.
  • Sit down with her with your family photos and ask her for her favorite photos of each family member and tell her you’ll take those photos and make her a yearly calendar with the photos corresponding with their birthday months!
  • Get some unfinished wooden birdhouses and bring those along with some painting supplies and paint birdhouses together.  You can find unfinished birdhouses at several places online or here
  • Plan a mother/daughter book club.  Choose a book that you both would like to read and then plan to meet at a later time to discuss what you both thought of the book.
  • Take her out for a drive to go antiquing and to lunch or dinner. 
  • And not just on Mother’s Day but whenever you visit, check/replace the batteries in her smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • And if you aren’t able to spend time with her personally, make her a video or do a video chat with her. Or make her a beautiful handmade card with a list of 20 things that you love about her. 

There are so many ways you can show your mother how special she is, and you don’t even have to spend a dime.   Treasure this time with her.  And always remember, don’t wait until it’s too late to tell her you love her. 

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