Marriage Conference 2021

This weekend my husband and I are registered to attend a 2 day Marriage Conference. The conference is organized by our local church and we have several friends who are also attending. Neither of us have ever attended a marriage conference so we have no idea of what to expect, other than we assume we will learn new ways on how to continue to enrich our marriage.

I am excited to attend; however, I can’t really tell if my husband is as well. He didn’t necessarily say that he didn’t want to attend, however he also didn’t exactly jump for joy when I asked if we could register for it.

We are both Christians, so I don’t think attending a marriage conference organized by a church will be uncomfortable for either of us. And we have attended this particular church on several occasions, but it is not the church we had attended regularly. To be truthful, in the past year of living in this pandemic type of world, we haven’t really been actively involved in any church. We haven’t attended any services in person nor have we really been involved in any church related activities this past year.

I am hoping to fill two unmet needs by attending this weekend’s conference. One is to finally take the big step of entering the church building, in person, rather than occasionally watching services online. The second is to strengthen and enrich our marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that our marriage is already happy and strong. But when your recently retired and you are still trying to figure out what you’re going to do with yourself in this new phase of life, and then a worldwide pandemic occurs that keeps you pretty much isolated and at home for a year, things begin to get a little dicey on the home front if you know what I mean!

I mean, we both love each other… BUT …. we don’t have young children at home, nor do we have a job to go to, and we can’t do the things we thought we’d be doing now that we are retired, such as travelling, entertaining friends and family, dining out more, and I could go on. Instead we found ourselves doing puzzles, performing odd jobs around the house, learning new hobbies that we can do from home, and well… you get the point.

We are DRIVING EACH OTHER CRAZY! Have you experienced this in your life this past year? What did you do to keep your relationship from going stale? Yes, we did more binge tv show watching, we played games, and yes we did cook together and ate most meals at home, but honestly, what we have done more of than in the past, is we have spent TOO much time together! I am sure some would think that is a good thing, and in general I would agree. Spending quality time together as a couple IS a good thing. But let’s great real! This is A LOT of time spent together in a closed space.

So… I am really hoping that the conference this weekend will help us renew, revitalize, rebuild and mostly reexamine what we are both wanting our new phase in life to look like. Honestly, this conference couldn’t have come at a better time. We are all finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the pandemic. We are fully vaccinated as are most of our family and friends and the restrictions that once constrained us are beginning to ease up. This will be our first time attending anything where there is a group of people involved.
I am excited! Nervous, but excited. I am ready to develop our new normal together as a couple as well as an individual.

Even if you weren’t experiencing a new step, a major change, or a new phase in your life just before the pandemic, this could be your new starting point for the way you would like to see your life progress in the future. Begin to reimagine your new normal. How can you use this past years’ experience to build on the existing foundation of who we were before the pandemic and improve on who and where we’d like to be after? What have you learned about yourself and others during this pandemic? What better time than now to begin to renew?

This takes me back to the beginning of my thoughts about this weekend’s conference. I hope to revitalize, rebuild and renew myself and my relationships with others. I hope to take the lessons I have learned in the past to build on a new perspective of life. Let’s do this! #marriage #relationships #retirement #toocloseforcomfort #ilovemyhusbandbut