Don’t you just love springtime with all of the beautiful colors of flowers that are blooming and the trees that are all coming to life?

Every year in the month of May, my husband and I love to drive out to our favorite local gardening and produce farm to pick fresh asparagus.  They also have so many other fun items to purchase, such as potted plants, gardening supplies and homemade goodies such as canned salsa, jams and several of our favorites; pickled okra and candied jalapenos. 

Anytime I can reuse, restore or repurpose, I do it! 

I used this empty canning jar, leaving the Pendleton’s label on, and I put fresh flowers from our yard in it. 

There are so many items you probably have at home you could use as a flower vase.  How about: a teapot; garden watering can; an empty tin can; any clear jar or container – get crazy and paint something on the outside of the jar or hot glue some twine or burlap around it? You could even use an old rubber boot! How fun would that be?!

The possibilities are endless!  Be unique, fun and creative with your ideas! 

I would love to see what ideas YOU have to welcome Spring !


  1. Thanks for the mention! You will probably be filling that jar with peonies soon! The season is just starting here at the farm. We do wish the rain would stop however – too much planting and harvesting to do!

    1. You are most welcome! We absolutely love visiting your farm! We may need to come get some peonies! I’ve always wanted a peony bush, but have yet to plant one. We do have a smaller one, but the flowers are not fragrant and that is one of my favorite parts about this flower!

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