Yes, we all celebrate Cinco De Mayo on this day, but did you know that today is also National Skilled Trades Day?  In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed that today is to be the day to bring awareness to the skilled trades shortage facing the US.  It’s also a day to celebrate everyone who is employed as a skilled tradesperson. 

So, in addition to drinking those margaritas and enjoying that queso, let’s use social media to highlight employees who have selected a career in a skilled trade.  Do something special for them.  If you see someone in uniform, thank them.  Spread the word out about the need for more to enter into the field of a skilled trade.  And let others know that if college isn’t a good fit for them, choosing to lead their life in a skilled trade field is a noble career path.

In honor of National Skilled Trades Day, I am highlighting an incredible technical school that is based in my hometown of Lawrence, KS.  It is the Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center and it’s the largest provider of apprenticeships in the state of Kansas.  You can learn more at

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