Today is officially National Teacher Appreciation Day !  The National Education Association has recognized this day as a day to honor teachers and the lasting contributions they make to our lives.  They not only help mold our children and guide them in a positive direction, but when we entrust them with our children, it affects all of our lives daily.  

But first…. A little history about Today. 

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim a National Teacher’s Day

On March 7th, 1980, Congress officially declared it as National Teacher Day.

Let’s take a moment out of our lives today to reflect on the teachers who have made an impact on you or your children. 

Let them know how they have helped you shape your life or the life of your child.

Even if you don’t have someone in your life that you would technically call a “teacher”, but has taught you in some way, whether it be about a particular skill, or even just about life in general, thank them today ~

Is there someone who has served as a mentor or inspiration to you over the years?  

Let’s use today as the day to thank them and let them know how they have left an imprint on your life! 

Here are some fun ideas for how to say thank you….

  • Purchase some supplies for their classroom.  Teachers have a limited amount of money provided by the schools for teaching supplies, and in many cases they just don’t cover their needs.  Many teachers provide for their students in other ways such as afternoon snacks, specialty teaching items, etc., and they often times have to purchase these items with their own $$.  Ask a teacher what they need and  provide it for them.
  • Offer to buy them lunch one day! 
  • Drop off a gift basket full of pampering goodies.  Gift certificates, food, wine (ok, you might want to make sure they drink wine and if not, something non-alcoholic). 
  • Find out what their hobbies or likes are and give them a gift that shows them you took the time to get to know them not only inside, but outside of the classroom.
  • How about a class project?  Could their students and parents collaborate to make something special from the class as a whole?  One idea would be to ask every student/family for their favorite recipe.  Take the recipes and make a recipe box from all of their students!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY….  Write them a special note to tell them just how much they have impacted your life.  Most teachers will tell you that some of their most treasured gifts over time have been the letters and notes of appreciation they have received. 


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