Several months ago, I was looking for a way to store my jewelry because my necklaces and bracelets that I keep in my jewelry box were just not working for me. They were constantly getting tangled or lost in the back of my storage boxes. I’ve also been enjoying creating some personal artwork using my new acrylic paint pens. You can find them at most hobby stores or in my case, I found some that I like on Amazon.

One day, while shopping at Walmart for some wooden pieces to craft with, I came across this hanger. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it at the time, but I purchased it anyway thinking I could surely use it in a future DIY. And there you have it! A wooden hanger that I could paint on and jewelry I needed to find a hanger for and viola, you have a perfect marriage of function and art!

It didn’t take me long at all to paint this . I just painted the base with a black acrylic paint, and then once completely dry, I went to work on painting some very simple designs using my paint pens. I actually liked this so much, I made another more personalized hanger by painting my friends name and some petite flower designs on it and then I hung a pretty necklace that I had purchased for her birthday from the hanger. She absolutely loved it! Especially because she knew that I created it just for her!

You could really use any type of hanger, paint it to your liking and hang other things from it as well! I decided that I could also make one for my kitchen to hang our masks on, since we are always looking for a mask as we are walking out the door. You can find many types of hangers made of all kinds of material other than just wood. And then you can just put your own artistic spin on it ! You can find hangers at your local hobby store, at the hardware store or at your local discount stores.

Give it a try and please share your finished product with us here !!

I can’t wait to see what ideas you all come up with!

I found this at my local WalMart store
My necklace/bracelet hanger
Another purpose for a hanger !
A single hanger for my necklaces

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