It’s day 4 of our Family Vacation in Florida. Dad made a breakfast casserole of left over boiled potatoes, andouille sausage, mild pork sausage, eggs and cheddar cheese and it is so good!!   The forecast today is for rain off and on most of the day, so we decide to delay our planned day trip to Islamorada Island.  Then, after lunch, as per what the locals all say about the weather, the forecast changes to cloudy skies but no more rain until after dinner time.  So…  after our hearty breakfast and a little more time in the pool, we decide to take the chance and venture out to Islamorada Island. 

We decide to check out Robbie’s of Islamorada to hand feed the Tarpon fish!  It’s only about a 20 minute drive and it’s very scenic, so the ride was a lot of fun!  As we arrive at Robbie’s we quickly realize that our family, along with about 500 other families (yes, a slight exaggeration, but you get my point), also think today is a good day to feed the Tarpons.  Lots of tourists. 

It’s located on the waterfront and there is music playing everywhere, lots of people out on the boat docks feeding the fish, little gift shops everywhere, food trucks, a restaurant, an ice cream and shaved ice truck (key lime shaved ice!).  We stand in line to pay our $2.50 entrance fee, pay for our 2 buckets of fish, grab a cold drink (that are conveniently located near the cash register), and then head out to feed the Tarpons! 

Checking out all of the dollar bills plastered everywhere!
Believe it or not, these large fish have very small teeth!

A little about Tarpon fish.  The Atlantic Tarpon inhabits coastal waters, lagoons and rivers.  Its diet consists of small fish and crustaceans.  They are known for their very large size and their great aerobatics; thus, they can jump high to grab those shiny little fish we are all feeding  them! They evolved 18 million years ago and are said to be one of the oldest living fish.

They really are beautiful creatures…
The Pelicans want to join in on the fun !!

There are pelicans everywhere and it appears that they like the food as the Tarpons! They say these docks attract schools of more than 100 Tarpons that come daily to eat and linger for hours. We hold our tiny “fish food” over the water and we see a flash of silver and green rise up and in the blink of an eye, the fish leaves our hand and the food is gone. It’s a pretty impressive sight to see and this is actually a lot of fun!  The story goes like this…. The Tarpons first started coming to Robbie’s Marina in the 1970’s when Robbie and his wife started feeding an injured Tarpon. They revived the fish and eventually released him into the open water. They named him “Scarface” and that wasn’t the last they saw of him. The story of Scarface and how he brought his other Tarpon friends back to visit Robbie can be found on their website at . After feeding the fish, we head to the little shops and look around for souvenirs but they are a little on the spendy side so we decide to wait and shop back in Key Largo. 

tarpon, fish, mounted
Tarpon Fish, also called the Silver King !

We decide that the best way to cut into some of this humid Florida Keys heat is to check out the Florida Keys Brewing Company; to check out their 7 flight beer tasting.  We select our choices from the list (they brew over 30 different types of beer) and head to the Beer Garden. There we find others who are also enjoying these microbrews with titles such as “Iguana Bait” with a hint of honey and hibuscus kolsch, the “Sun Sessional IPA”, a hoppy, full flavored beer with a punch of citrus, and a “Beam Me Up, Scotchy”, with sweet chocolate notes w/aged vanilla beans in Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whiskey.   It did not disappoint. The beers were nice and cold which paired well with the humid heat left over from this morning’s rain. After our stop at the brewery, we head back to our rental. (Not to worry… only half of our group consumed).

Tonight, it’s homemade pizza, so our son (the master bread maker), mixes up the dough for the 4-5 pizza’s he’s making, so while the dough is rising, we all chill by either the pool or on our dock. We eat homemade pizza made with pepperoni and bacon, BBQ chicken,  pink shrimp with green olive, and more! The pizza is nice and crispy on the bottom with hot, bubbly cheesy goodness on top. Yum!

Our Lil Walter is helping dad make the dough
It’s gonna be sooooo good !!
This is my FAVORITE ! Pink shrimp straight from the Keys, fresh tomato and green olives !!!

Might even play some music and dance a little tonight !! 

Another great day in the Keys….

Good Night ….

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