We’d all had very little sleep on day one, so that made for a later sleep in on day two.  (Well, I meant to say later sleep in for everyone except mama with 2 year old “Lil” Walter. Not so much a late wake up for them.)  We all wake up to coffee brewing and bacon sizzling.  Yes, dad is the cook this morning. Then it’s off to the pool….This business of waking up and walking out to our own private pool that overlooks the beautiful Florida Bay is something I could definitely get used to. Then some time on the beach with “Lil” Walter so he can get in some “sand playing time”.    Unpacking, relaxing from the long day one and another run to the store to get more ingredients for our dinner tonight.  We decide to head to the local fish market https://www.keylargofisheries.com/ for pink shrimp and scallops. 

Hummmm… what should we get?
Pink Shrimp and Scallops it is!

A little about the Florida Key’s  pink shrimp. They are NOT your “farm raised” shrimp.  They are caught in the water of the Florida Keys.  They reside in the clean coral sand off the coast of Key West.  In fact, about 85% of the pink shrimp that’s harvested in the US, comes from Florida.  Key West pink shrimp has a sweet flavor and the meat is tender.  And it is wonderful !!!!

Shrimp Scampi !!

Pina colada’s and scallops seared in butter for appetizers.   Followed by bucatini pasta with fresh garlic and red onion sautéed in olive oil tossed with a pink shrimp scampi.  A fresh salad and piping hot garlic parmesan bread tops the meal.  A walk out on the pier to catch the sunset with nice glass of bubbly rose’.  Then a little tv in bed before sleepy time.  (The kids are doing their own thing which I believe consists of video games, nighttime fishing off the pier and riding old style bicycles in the dark.)

Just before sunset…
Good Night

Until tomorrow….


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