Day one…. pre-flight day and the day of…. 7 adults, 1 toddler, and  2 dogs (1 especially large dog), and a lot to prepare before our flight.

  • Dog sitter – check
  • Our 2 elderly moms’, making sure they have everything they need before we leave them for a week – check
  • All necessary travel documents printed and emailed to the kids – check
  • Clean out refrigerator, water plants, strip sheets from all beds and make list of instructions for house sitter – check
  • 5 people staying at the house = 5 showers the night before the 4:30am departure for our flight and a bit of craziness – check
  • Set alarms for 3:45am for early day tomorrow – check!

We did it!  We are on the road by our planned 4:30am departure time!  Face masks for the airports and planes – check!  ID and boarding passes – check!  We are off…  Wait…  mom left her phone on the charger at home.  U-turn in the middle of the street to go back home.  Phone in hand, and we’re off …  again. 

It’s 5:30am and we are all dropped off at the airport check in.  Dad takes the car to the garage and the rest of us check in.  Oops, they don’t allow “gator masks” and one of our group is wearing one.  Luckily mom packed extra face masks..  just in case.  A few “checked bag” issues, but all in all, a successful check in. 

Our flight was pretty uneventful.  And yes, an uneventful flight is a good thing!  And the best part, is that our almost 2 year old grandbaby was such a good boy and a hit with the ladies sitting next to him on the plane! (insert smiley face here)

Miami International Airport…  hummm …..  2 words …  BIG and BUSY !  Oh, and HOT and HUMID.  Closing towards the end of a worldwide isolation from a worldwide pandemic, plus summer vacation that’s just beginning, equals a very crowded, very hot, very frustrated group of people.  But it’s all good!   Or, it was all good, UNTIL …..  we got to the car rental booth.  Then it all took a turn for the not so good…

This is just a teeny tiny portion of the very LONG line !

The line – yes, let’s just talk about the line to rent our (already reserved) car.  We tried a different agency this time.  More budget friendly.  Well, let’s see…  about 150 people deep…. so dad gets in the number 151 position.  It’s going to be a looooong day.  And it’s only 11:00am.  I could write an entire blog about our frustrating experience with this particular car rental agency, but I’m choosing to save that for another time.  I still need time to recover before writing about it.  (And I don’t want to start my first full vacation day even thinking about it).  Let’s just say, the airport is about 40 minutes away from our vrbo, we landed at 11:00am,  and we arrived at our rental at around 4:00pm.  (And we were originally worried about finding something to do between arrival  time of 11:00 and check in time of 4:00pm!)  Next time, we go back to using Hertz Rental Agency.  Enough said… 

It’s 4:00pm and upon arrival to our place in Key Largo we make a quick trip to the grocery store and then we head to our rental property.  All I can say is….

It’s everything we’d hoped for, and more. Much more. 

 I can’t wait to tell you all about it in Day 2’s blog. All with pictures, vrbo rental information in case YOU want to stay here, and probably more exciting adventures of our first day in Florida!   It is going to be amazing, so stay tuned !

Ahhhh, yes, Paradise!

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