Do people even use message boards anymore?  It seems like message boards or anything that is hand written seems to be a thing of the past.  Everything is electronic now, but I am old school, I guess because I still love to receive a handwritten note or letter.  One of my favorite things to do is to sit on my back porch and read a book in paper form. 

We all usually enter the kitchen at some point in the day, so over the years I have always had a message board on either a wall or the kitchen counter. The last one we had was made of ceramic and we wrote messages to the family on it using a dry erase pen. But I found it broken in pieces on the counter the other day, so no more ceramic board!

I was ready for something new anyway!

I’ve had some chalkboard paint that I’ve been wanting to use and I had an old silver-plated platter that was not in the greatest of shape and decided that this platter needed to be our new message board!

All you need to do is find any size and shape of a plate or platter that you don’t use or you can always find them at your local Goodwill, Dollar Tree or discount store.  I also like to pick them up when I am out at local garage or estate sales.

  • Clean  your platter with soap and water and make sure it’s nice and dry. 
  • Get your chalkboard paint and brush and just paint the inside of the platter!  I usually need to do at least two coats of paint for it to fully cover. 
  • Let it dry completely.
  •  Use a wire or a wooden picture stand if standing it on a surface or glue a hook to the back of it if you are hanging it on the wall.
  •  I like to put my platter on a stand and set it on my kitchen counter with a piece of chalk for writing. 

This is such a fast and easy diy and it is also very functional. 

And remember to just have fun with it!!

What are some ways you have used a message board or what have you seen them used for?  I would love more ideas !

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