Switch Up an Old Candlestick

I have acquired so many candlesticks over the years and I never quite know how to display them. Do I only pull them out for special occasions or when I want to light a candle or do I always keep them included in my decorating scheme?

When we first started our days of isolating, due to the virus, I found myself looking around my home to see just what I could do with all of the extra time at home. I have always wanted to teach myself to paint, so I started simple by painting various sized rocks that I had collected from my prior travels. I then moved on to canvas and eventually I was painting pretty much anything and everything! Yes, I do believe my family might have been just a tad bit nervous about my painting passion and no, I did not paint our beautifully crafted wood furniture, but I might have been a bit tempted!

The other day I was at our local Hobby Lobby store and I ran across this wooden pillar candle stand that was in their wood section at 50% off. You could really use any type of candle stand, used or new but if you want to make something like mine, I would suggest you look for some nice carved detail to make your paint colors really pop! Just do you and it will look great! Do you have a décor item that you want to display but just feel that it needs to be jazzed up? Share it with us and maybe we can help with some ideas! OR, you have an idea for a décor item but you don’t have anything that fits what you want? Could you craft it yourself? That way you can make it yours by making it the size, shape and color that fits in best with what you are envisioning. If you have a space in your home or yard that you need some help with, post a picture and brief description for what you are looking for and we can share our ideas!
There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. It is absolutely a personal preference and as they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In fact, my husband and I have completely different preferences when it comes to art. In fact, we are pretty much not on the same page when it comes to home decorating, artwork, clothing… pretty much most all things! Yes! Another old adage is true, “opposites attract”. They really do! He is pretty traditional when it comes to all of his choices in most everything where I am attracted to more contemporary art, shabby chic home decorating and trendy clothes. He prefers traditional landscape paintings, cringes when I paint ANY piece of wooden furniture and does not like to shop for clothes and if he does, he heads to the clearance racks. Yep, you guessed it, when we go out with friends, I usually like to “help” him pick out what he’s going to wear. But friends… this subject is for another WHOLE blog post. Stay tuned for that! #DIY#candlestick#painting#crafting